March 22, 2024

Businesses are constantly looking to optimize their internal processes. In a world where technology advances at a rapid pace, efficiency and productivity are key to success. However, many companies still face the challenge of finding software tools that adapt to their specific needs.

Adapt or create: Which is the best option?

Traditionally, companies have opted for two solutions: adapting existing programs or creating "custom"applications. The first option, while it may be more economical in the shortterm, often leads to inefficiency and inflexibility. The second option, on theother hand, offers a personalized solution that perfectly fits the company'sneeds, but is usually more expensive and requires a longer development time.

Low code: The solution that revolutionizes software development

This is where low code comes in as a revolutionary alternative. Low code platforms allow businesses to quickly and cost-effectively create "custom" applications without the need for extensive programming knowledge.

Benefits of lowcode:

●     Speed: Low code platforms allow applications to be created in significantly less time than traditiona ldevelopment methods.

●     Efficiency: Applications developedwith low code are tailored to the specific needs of the business, whichincreases efficiency and productivity.

●     Cost: Low code offers a more economical alternative to traditional application development, especially for businesses with specific needs.

●     Scalability: Low code platforms arescalable, which means they can adapt to the growth of the business and its needs.

●    Accessibility: It allows people without technical knowledge to create simple applications.

A booming market

The impact of low code on the business world isgrowing. Analyst IDC predicts annual growth in its use of over 25% by 2027,when the global market will exceed $65 billion. Its users include companies from various sectors such as:

●     Disney: Created a reservation application for its amusement parks.

●     Mexican Government: Combined millions ofspreadsheets in different formats.

●     Argentine soccer team Atlas: Captures datafrom its fans on cell phones.

●     BBVA Bank: Automated themanagement of credit processes.

●    Telefónica: Developed aplatform for order management.

The role of Ancient Technology

While low code tools are designed to be easy touse, some businesses may need support to get the most out of them. In thissense, companies like Ancient Technology become strategic allies.

Ancient Technology offers extensive experiencein low code application development, as well as trained and reliable teams thatcan help businesses optimize their internal processes. The company ischaracterized by prioritizing best practices in:

●     Data protection.

●     Authentication.

●     Authorization.

●     Coding.

●    Continuous improvement of applications.

Ancient Technology Success Stories:

●     Retail company: Implemented aninventory management system that allowed it to reduce costs and increaseefficiency.

●     Financial services company: Developed acredit management application that streamlined the process and reduced the riskof default.

●    Industrial company: Automated the maintenance management of its equipment, which allowed it to increase productivity and reduce downtime.

In conclusion,low code has become a fundamental tool for companies looking to optimize the irinternal processes, increase their productivity and reduce costs. With a booming market and companies like Ancient Technology as allies, low code has the potential to transform the way businesses work.

Recommendations for companies looking to implement low code:

●     Define objectives: It is important to beclear about what you want to achieve with the implementation of low code.

●     Assess needs: It is necessary toanalyze the specific needs of the company to choose the right low code platform.

●     Train staff: It is important thatthe staff who will use the low code platform receive the appropriate training.

●    Have the support of a partner: It is advisable to have the support of apartner like Ancient Technology that has experience in developing low code applications.