June 24, 2024

In a globalized world, companies are constantly looking to optimize their processes and reduce costs to increase their competitiveness. Nearshoring has emerged as an attractive strategy for many companies, especially in the technology sector, which are looking for alternatives to traditional hiring indeveloped countries.

One of the main benefits of nearshoring is the reduction of labor costs. Salaries in nearshoring countries are usually significantly lower than indeveloped countries. This can lead to significant labor savings, especially inlabor-intensive tasks such as software development, customer support, and technical support.

How does nearshoring work?

Nearshoring involves outsourcing services or setting up subsidiaries in countries geographically close to the company's headquarters. This allows companies to take advantage of a skilled, lower-costworkforce, without having to deal with the complexities of outsourcing to countries further afield.

Benefits of Nearshoring:

●    Reduction of labor costs. One ofthe main benefits of nearshoring is the reduction of labor costs. Salaries in nearshoring countries are usually significantly lower than in developed countries. This can lead to significant labor savings for businesses, especially in labor-intensive tasks, such as Software Development, Customer Support, Technical support, Factory or Data Processing.
Example: A software company in the United States may pay an average salary of $100,000 per year to a software developer. Instead, a software developer with similar skills in a nearshoring country can earn an average salary of $30,000 per year. This represents a 70% saving for the company.

●    Access to qualified talent. Many nearshoring countries have a highly skilled workforce in areas such as technology, engineering, customer service, and manufacturing. These countries have invested in technical education and training, creating a wealth of talent available to companies looking to outsource their operations.
Example: Mexico has a large number of qualified software engineers, many of whom speak English and have experience working with U.S. companies. India is another country with a large skilled IT workforce, and many of its software developers have experience in popular programming languages such as Java and Python.

●    Improved communication and collaboration. Geographic proximity between the company's headquarters and nearshoring operations can facilitate communication and collaboration between teams. This can lead to a better understanding of customer needs, increase defficiency, and higher product or service quality.
Example: A customer service company inthe United States may outsource its customer service to a nearshoring country like Mexico. This allows the company to have customer support representatives who speak the same language as their customers and who can better understand their needs.

●    Greater flexibility and agility. Nearshoring can provide businesses with greater flexibility and agility to respond to market changes. Companies can scale their nearshoring operation squickly to meet growing demand or reduce them during economic down turns.
Example: An e-commerce company mayoutsource its logistics to a nearshoring country during peak sales season. Thisallows the company to handle the increase in order volume without having toinvest in additional infrastructure in its home country.

Ancient Technology: Your ideal partner for nearshoring

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●    Performance management: We monitor and manage the performance of your nearshoring team to ensure it meets your expectations.

●    Communication & Collaboration: We facilitate communication and collaboration between your internal team and your nearshoring team.

Why Choose Ancient Technology?

●    Experience: We have extensive experience innearshoring and have helped numerous companies implement successful strategies.

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