November 9, 2023

SystemsEngineer: Collectively, we worked on the creation of comprehensive dashboards andevent/error log reports across all of our company's platforms and applications.We harnessed the power of the DataDog tool to implement these reports. Inaddition, we collaboratively developed a web application that facilitated thevisualization of schedules in Json format, enabling seamless SQL queries toquery and monitoring platforms. The back end was meticulously crafted on .NET6, utilizing a clean hexagonal architecture, while the front end wasthoughtfully powered by Angular.

DevOps: Within the realm of DevOps, our team played a pivotal role in definingstrategies for transitioning functionalities from one technology to another. Asignificant achievement was the successful migration from Perl to .NET. Weprovided invaluable guidance to the operations team and maintained dailycollaboration with the EPAM team. Our collective efforts encompassed theformulation of migration strategies, development of coding examples, codereviews, and the provision of training to ensure a smooth transition.

StorageEngineer: As a team, we tackled a challenging migration project, transitioning from acustomer-driven service (CVO) to a serverless service on AWS. Despite variousconstraints, we significantly enhanced our overall performance. We adeptlyutilized key technologies, including Cloudformation, Netapp CVO, Netapp FSX,SqlServer, iSCSI management, and Powershell scripting. Impressively, we managedto migrate a substantial 300 terabytes of data within a tight timeframe of just5 months.