November 13, 2023

Inour Ruby On Rails team, we have been diligently working on enhancing theintegration of MyFitment with eBay to provide customers with a significantlyimproved experience. Our primary goal has been to enable customers to load alarger number of products, ultimately resulting in more robust purchaserecommendations on the eBay platform.

Toachieve this, we have undertaken comprehensive improvements on both the backendand frontend aspects of the system. On the backend, we are actively optimizingresponse times and enhancing data processing efficiency. This involves refiningqueries and implementing data partitioning strategies to handle substantialvolumes of data more effectively.

Onthe frontend, our efforts are focused on enhancing the mobile user experienceand revamping the overall design of the system. Furthermore, we are committedto building a solid foundation for the system by creating tests that willenable us to update Ruby and Rails versions in the future.

Ourdedication to these improvements underscores our commitment to providing aseamless and user-friendly experience for customers and ensuring the systemremains adaptable to future enhancements and updates.