November 9, 2023

As a React Native team, weembarked on a remarkable journey that began with an application exclusivelyavailable on the iOS store. Our mission? To transform this app into a hybridsolution using React Native, driven by our client's aspiration to expand theirpresence to the Android platform via the Play Store.

To achieve this transformation,we undertook the ambitious task of recreating the native iOS application fromthe ground up. This endeavor encompassed not only the development of anentirely new application but also a crucial knowledge transfer process. Weworked closely with iOS developers, facilitating their adaptation to ReactNative, ensuring a seamless transition of their skills and expertise.

The outcome was nothing short ofextraordinary - the successful launch of the application on both Android andiOS. Users now have access to an entirely new version of the app, enriched bythe collaborative efforts of our team. This achievement not only broadened theapplication's reach but also marked the unification of our development teams,resulting in a more robust and versatile workforce ready to take on futureprojects.