November 13, 2023

Ourteam was tasked with a critical mission within the mobile app ecosystem formajor operating systems. When we first arrived, the main release of the mobileapp was merely a month away, and shockingly, no quality assurance had beenconducted.

Withinjust a couple of days of our consulting, we unearthed several bugs of varyingcriticality, including several "show-stoppers" that posed a severethreat to the project's success. This discovery induced some last-minute panicwithin the development team.

Toaddress the situation, we swiftly devised a comprehensive plan for bug fixesand communicated it to the product and engineering teams. In light of theurgency and the critical nature of the issues, the decision was made to extendthe release date by two weeks. This bought us the crucial time we needed toeliminate the major bugs and ensure a smoother and more successful productlaunch. It was a race against the clock, but our team's dedication andexpertise proved invaluable in overcoming the challenges and securing a morerobust release.