November 13, 2023

Inour roles as Project Manager and Scrum Master, we had the privilege of leadinga high-paced international company operating across several countries and timezones. Our primary focus was the successful implementation of AGILEmethodologies, and the results were nothing short of remarkable.

Withinjust two months, we managed to instill AGILE practices as they should be,enabling us to measure and increment the speed of the team. In this short timeframe, the team's velocity improved by over 30%, resulting in significantlymore accurate deliveries.

Moreover,we successfully established processes and procedures in collaboration with theproduct team. This strategic alignment led to the improvement of user storiesfor the development team and a streamlined overall development process. Withinthe first four months of our collaboration, we managed to drastically reducethe time to market, translating this achievement into tangible value for ourcustomers. Our commitment to agile excellence and process optimization waspivotal in achieving these exceptional results.