November 9, 2023

As a collaborative teamspecializing in both frontend and backend development, we took on amultifaceted project. Our mission was the development of connection interfacesbetween the Payment Approved core and its clients, including major players likeMasterCard and MoreSistemas (MMT).

In the backend, we harnessed thepower of technologies such as Node.js, Express, and TypeScript to establishrobust and secure connections. For data storage, we utilized Cassandra DB andRedis. Our tasks included the creation and modification of endpoints, seamlessconnections to databases, and integration with third-party services to ensure asmooth and efficient operation.

On the frontend side, weundertook the development of a web platform using Vue.js. This platformfacilitated B2C transactions and allowed for the seamless transfer of money.What made this project truly special was our ability to not only excel inbackend development but also to seamlessly integrate it with a user-friendlyand highly functional frontend.